Survival of the fittest: The logic of natural selection vs. survival of the richest

In the animal kingdom, the survival of the future generations of animals are ensured and strengthened because the strongest Alpha Males usually dominates the breeding on the females and Alpha Females. Only the strongest and the mighty among the animal race continues the long family line of animal bloodlines that can survive the harshest earth and environmental conditions.  The best animal genes of attributes and physical characteristics are naturally reproduced into the future generations of animals.

This we gamefowl breeders somewhat simulate–by physically and scientifically breeding the gamest, strongest, most intelligent, fastest gamefowl stag or cock, cutters and warriors with the most wins–with the best female hen and pullet bloodlines that we have in our own brood yards and farms over the many years that we maintain them and fight their sons or progeny for actual battle testing in the pits.

Compared with the human race:  we people select our political and economic leaders based on mass popularity, amount of money they can give during and after elections, and mere appearances and superficial promises and external looks! We cannot ensure that the best human beings with the best intelligence and genuine interest for the common good of the country and our people–are the ones dominating our society, our politics, our nation, our economy or our own communities.  The rich males with all the money (dirty or hard earned), with all the political power and political dynasty influence–though they may be physically, mentally or morally inferior compared to others–can usually get the most important political and leadership positions, and even the beautiful and attractive women as their partners or wives (not necessarily all women, especially the intelligent or discerning ones.) Just look at the many countries, communities, and beautiful actresses and models who ended this way! Thus, what will happen with the human race in the future if we may be breeding or raising the future generations of leaders and people this way? What will happen on earth if the ultra-rich 1% of the population, who controls 80% to 90% of the world economy and politics dominates the whole world and the survival of the future human race? Something to think about this year 2019.  KEEP ON COCKING & BREEDING!

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