DWGF Super Hatch

Our Dragon Warrior Super Hatches came from our pure Hatch Broodcock which is a mainstay producer in our farm.  This proven Warrior is a five-time winner gladiator!  One of our multiple winner broodcock producers in our farm. His last win was at the World Slashers Cup in 2015.  He won twice at Big Event Derbies and at World Slashers Cup Derbies, and once at the Hari ng Rueda by the National Federation of Gamefowl Breeders.  His grandpa was just a bullstag after which it already won three times.  His father was a two-time winner Hatch Warrior as well.  We bred this family of championship caliber DWGF Hatch strain with our four other DWGF Hatch winning line families to develop a dominant Dragon Warrior Hatch line that can win in the toughest competitions today and into the future.