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DWGF Gulls

Kuya Joe A’s Gulls were originally acquired from Mr. Howard Belk in 1994.


Dragon Warrior Game farm’s original breeding materials of Gulls all came from the families of Howard Belk Gulls of Kuya Joe Alimbuyuguen that we acquired from time to time since year 1995, together with other families of Clarets acquired from Kuya Joe over the years.  These Gulls are closest to the English Fowl known as the North Briton fowl. The North Briton fowls where brought to America by English settlers long ago.  Kuya Joe A’s Gulls were originally acquired from Mr. Howard Belk in 1994 in his farm in California, USA through the help of his friends Mr Vic Gamboa and Mr Willie Suan. They are very fierce and are very powerful hitters! The gulls break high and they fight very much like the Hulsey reds, but they pack more power!  They are evasive and counter punch and are very intelligent. The Gulls are always straight-combed.  The legs of the male fowl are always light yellow or bright yellow.  During the breeding season, some would come out green legged on the hen side, but it should never be in the cock side!  He believes that this was through the infusion of the Irish Brown Red very long ago.  He further said that according to Howard Belk, one in every 120 pullets will come out with white legs!

Gull males sport dark red to lemon red type hackles. The hackles sometimes come out long and full and sometimes it is short--it depends on the breeder’s choice of the brood cocks! Some males have white streamers on the tail while some have none. But it is always black breasted.  On the henside, one in every 75 will come out spangled. If the chickens are bred well, the throwback will always be on the henside, seldom will it come out on the cock side.  But it has happened after we had bred pure Gulls over the same father for three generations that we came out with rare spangled Gulls.

The bloodline is very rare in the U.S. and many do not know about it.  Belk did not sell the Gulls to just anybody in the U.S. who can or may fight against him but it was okay if it was Kuya Joe, since he knew that he will bring it to the Philippines.  Belk actually did a background check on Kuya Joe just to make sure that his Gulls will really be brought to the Philippines!  According to Belk, among the families of chickens that he has, the gulls are the ones that he loves the most!

According to Kuya Joe, they are now also called the Whitehackles, but with variations in the bloodline!  Accordingly, very few names have the original Gulls.  Mostly, they are yellow legs and some white legs. They throw green legs on the female side only because of the Lord Sefton blood (Irish Brown Red blood to her).  So we may say that one big name who has them is Mr. Junior Belt, but he won’t part or sell any as it is known that he is a rich guy and very influential.  He will not sell if you will breed it in the U.S.

The Clarets are also related to the Phil Marsh Butchers.  Col Madiggin, the original source of Clarets – borrowed broodcocks of Butchers too for his breeding.  This is the reason why the lemon colors also come out of the Clarets. These Clarets were acquired way back in 1935, according to Mr. Howard Belk.

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